Vampirism is a condition wherein a person feels sexually aroused and has sexual fantasies which involve the intake of blood. At other times, it used to refer to an immortal or an un-dead person who sucks blood from humans who are still alive. This idea is alive in many ancient legends in different cultures in various parts of the globe.

Most vampire enthusiasts and people who consider themselves as experts in the field of vampirism believe that they some individuals come into this world already as vampires. On the other hand, some people are also born to be victims of vampires. One should remember that in many instances vampirism does not necessarily involves a person who thrives on blood drinking. In fact, everything can be because of psychological orientation.

Psychic Vampirism

The principles and theories involved in mythical vampirism can be applied to psychic vampirism. For those who might not know what psychic vampirism is, it is actually a term that was coined to describe people who have been born with an internal and inherent need to obtain life energy which they cannot obtain from within themselves. As a result they seek this kind of pranic energy from other people who are surrounding them. Some people do not exhibit tendencies of vampirism during the first few years of life. These individuals have a so called dormant or latent vampirism in them. The obvious and visible characteristics of vampirism commonly show up during the puberty or adolescent years. If these characteristics of vampirism are nurtured not only by the individual himself but also by others who surround them, he will be eventually become full pledged psychic vampire until the end of his days. A psychic vampire is otherwise referred to as a psi vamp.

In the field of vampirism, if a person is called as vampire it means that he is the one who is trying to obtain life energy from others. On the other end, if someone is the one from which the psychic vampire acquires such energy from, he is referred to as the vampire’s victim. A person’s level of spiritual development is a major determining factor of whether a person becomes the vampire or the victim. More often than not, someone who is more spiritually mature has a bigger chance of falling victim to a vampire. In these cases, these victims need to develop means through which they can shield themselves from the abusive advances of psychic vampires.

There are some instances wherein an individual who is a psychic vampire shifts into a victim and vice versa. This usually happens when a person who is considered as a vampire’s pawn learns the ways of being a psychic vampire. Although it is not absolutely impossible, a psychic vampire has a very slim chance of turning into a victim.

In most cases, the female species have higher chances of becoming psychic vampires. This is because women are often more spiritually developed and spiritually stronger as compared to men. Additionally, some men’s pranic energy may have been sucked out of them by their mothers or fathers early on in their lives.

The term Gaia philosophy originated from the name of Greek goddess of the Earth named Gaia. It is comprised of several broad concepts of the earth and the living things that thrive in it. It is also concerned with how the Earth’s inhabitants affect the natural environment of the planet. Apart from this, it also involves how the people can make the Earth as a place that is most conducive to life for all humans, animals, and plants.

Nowadays, a lot of people are learning about what Gaia Philosophy is and what it involves. This is because more and more individuals are now realizing that the damage which has been done to the natural environment as well as the consequences of these abuses against nature. As a result, a greater number of people are now implanting ways through which they can do their part in taking care of the environment and in preserving it for future generations.

Gaia philosophy operate on the basic principle that all the living things that inhabit a certain planet will each have a role on keeping the natural environment in good, inhabitable condition. Each of these effects from every organism will benefit the entire planet. A certain group of living beings’ efforts which are geared towards survival will in turn enable other species to thrive well in their respective natural habitats.

There have been a number of schools of thought which came before the Gaia Philosophy or Theory. Back in the year 1970, this was referred to as the Gaia hypothesis which was purported by a chemist from the United Kingdom who was named James Lovelock. This dealt mainly on the concepts involved in the maintenance of homeostasis. It basically means that each organism no matter how small has a profound effect and a role in the regulation of an environmental system. This even includes things such as rocks and stones which can be found almost on the surface level as well as those that are found on the earth or soil. It also includes those that thrive in the atmosphere. At first, the concepts involved in the Gaia hypothesis were not easily accepted especially by those who consider themselves as experts in the scientific field.

Today, the Gaia philosophy has extended to the field of politics. This has caused the birth of people who have named themselves as Gaians. These are political environmentalists who have very radical interpretations and understanding of the said set of theories. This group of individuals are involved in activities which are geared towards the restoration of the Earth’s balance. These activities include the prevention and minimization of environmentally harmful actions which lead to climate change as well as primate extermination. In addition to this are efforts that help preserve rainforests and to plant new trees in now barren forest lands. All of these efforts are geared towards the maintenance of the homeostatic balance of all creatures of the Earth and of the planet as a whole and interactive system.

Many people are actually psychic abilities but only a few of them realize their psychic potential. There are various signs which show that a person is psychic. One of these is dream walking. When this occurs an individual often feels as if he is in a dream which has very queer things happening in it. These things seldom have any significant meaning to the individual concerned. What usually happens is that one finds himself taking part in activities which is uncharacteristic of him. He may also be shown as dealing with people whom he does not know or be in places where he has never been or has never thought of going. All of these things point to a psychic occurrence called dream walking.

The occurrence of dream walking happens in instances where a certain person finds himself a part of the dream of another individual. Some people may find this weird but it is actually something that happens very often. It can be likened to a person who watches TV and shifts between different channels. A similar thing happens with dream walking. The difference lies in the fact that this time dreams of other people are involved. This happens as these other individuals are asleep.

Some people think that dream walking is something which could not possibly occur. After all, the idea of being able to take part in other people’s dreams can be a far off idea especially in today’s world where most individuals consider scientific proof before believing in something. Another reason why many find it hard to believe in the concept of dream walking is that most people are unable to recall their dreams. This is due to biologic process. Dreams happen during the REM stage of sleep. If one wakes up during this stage, he will be able to recall what his dreams were about. However, if one completes the REM stage of sleep without awaking, he will not be able to remember what he was dreaming of.

What one sees when he is dream walking has a variety of meanings. For instance, if you dream of having another person who is some way making an intrusion which results to feelings of being endangered, chances are someone else might be trying to be part of your dream. Most experts in the psychic world interpret this as something where two people are trying to connect to each other in a telepathic manner. This just shows that all individuals are somehow bounded by an invisible tie which allows them to commune with one another subconsciously. Proponents of various schools of thought such as Carl Jung referred to this as the collective unconscious of human beings. He believes that individuals have a common and interacting network of thoughts.

If you are someone who wants to engage in dream walking and remember the things which occur in it, there are things that can be done to make it happen more often. One of these is to try to engage in some meditation activities prior to going to bed. It also helps if one thinks about the things or people that he wants to see in the dream. Focus is necessary in order to effectively do this.

Not a lot of people have heard of the term tree hugging and those who are familiar with it only have a limited understanding of what it actually entails. A tree hugger is a person who puts a lot of importance on the promotion of environmental wellbeing. These people firmly believe that the every human being should do their part in preserving the natural environment. They also advocate the important of a mindful and conscious use of what the environment has to offer.

It was only in recent years when the term tree hugger meant something positive. Originally, this was a term that was coined to denote environmental in a negative light. Nowadays, it is very commonly used as something that portrays environmental advocates who firmly oppose activities such as widespread logging. Those who were agreeable to the concept of logging told environmentally conscious individuals and organizations to hug the trees so as to protect the trees. In many parts of the globe, this was what environmental advocates did. They joined hands and surrounded the trees so as to deter loggers from cutting them off. It should be remembered that a person need not be required to have an actual experience with hugging a tree in order for him to be called as a tree hugger. Rather, he should have a strong conviction and dedication to the prevention of logging and deforestation.

Being able to preserve the inherent qualities of nature, forest lands, and wilderness portions of the world is just one among the tree hugging community’s is the common focus of tree huggers. They claim that these things are important to do so that those who will be living in the future world will still be able to enjoy what we have today. This does not only extend to trees and plants but also to animals and human beings most importantly.

There are a lot of great things that result from the concept of tree hugging. One obvious reason is that it can do a lot of wonders for the present status of the environment. Also, it also helps minimize the presence of carbon which results from pollution. In addition, tree hugging efforts will ultimately result to a proper regulation of the climate of a certain place. Most environmentally conscious individuals such as tree huggers believe that efforts that relate to the preservation of the natural environment have a significant and immediate positive effect on the environment most especially if a significant number of individuals are involved in it. Aside from this, there are also long term effects which are even more valuable.

Several organizations have been set up to promote the ideals of tree hugging. One such organization is called the TreeHugger. This organization provides valuable information to people who want to build with considerations of being green or environmentally friendly. They also provide individuals with so called sustainable designs that will enable people to still build beautiful homes and other stuff without compromising the wellbeing of the natural environment.

A lot of people have taken an interest on witchcraft and the things, activities, as well as beliefs that are involved in it. The fascination with witchcraft, which is commonly regarded as a type of pagan religion, is evident on the numerous publications both in print and on the internet. There are also several movies and TV series that try to explore and portray the world of witchcraft so that the common individual can gain some insights on what this mystical and secret world is all about.

Since witchcraft is a pagan religion, it can only be expected that it involves the belief and worship in numerous gods instead of only one. Paganism has been in existence for thousands of years. In fact, it is almost as old as other major religions. It is defined as a religion which is comprised of beliefs that cannot be classified under the Muslim, Christian, or Jewish ideals. The term Pagan is coined from the Latin word Pagini which means someone who is in living in the country. During the 1950s, a lot of people started to feel fear towards individuals who know how to practice witchcraft. Over the years, different types of witchcraft have evolved. Let us take a look at some of the most common types of witchcraft which is practiced today in the modern world.

Among the recent types of witchcraft as an alternative form of spirituality is called Wicca. This involves worshipping the gods of the earth and nature. It was developed by Gerald Gardner somewhere during the 40’s and 50’s. He viewed wicca witchcraft as a belief that the use of magic should not be for harm or to do wrong. Instead, it should be composed of divination, the practice of magic, exercising psychic capabilities, and herb or plant lore. Wicca witchcraft is also considered as a means of celebrating the beliefs and ideals of the Celtics. Those individuals who take part in this religion are referred to as witches or neo pagans. This applies to members of both the masculine and the feminine sex.

Another classification of witchcraft is called the Pennsylvania Dutch which is other referred to as Pow-wow. This pagan religion involves the use of various kinds of charms as well as numerous incantations. The origins of the Pennsylvania Dutch witchcraft go as far back as the Middle Ages. It has obtained some of its principles from other existing religions such as the Jewish and Christian beliefs. Pow-wow witchcraft is mainly concerned with therapeutic purposes such as the healing of the sick, helping a person find his lifetime partner, as well as with getting rid of certain hexes placed on people and even livestock.

African witchcraft is just one among the many types of pagan religions and alternative spirituality in Africa. Most of the time, African witches are viewed as people who are highly capable of bringing about a lot of misfortune. The talent to cast spells through African witchcraft is termed as asmangu which can be passed from generation to generation.